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FaithSing - Christian Music

We believe that Christian Music should be freely shared, just as Jesus freely shared His Life, Love and Teachings with us. We are committed to providing free Christian Music, together with lyrics and sheet music for use in Christian Praise and Worship everywhere. Over time we plan to expand this collection of royalty-free Contemporary Christian music by adding more Christian songs, and by expanding the available Christian sheet music as well, so return to this site often to check out more quality contemporary Christian Rock Music, and take advantage of the free download facilities. As well as free downloads of Christian mp3s, you'll also always find the lyrics and free downloads of Christian sheet music.

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Christian Music has been described as a way of "praying twice". In fact, Christian Music can serve many purposes. Christian Music can be a prayer in itself. You can pray by listening to Christian Music and allowing yourself to be absorbed into its ambience in a Spirit-filled way, filled with praise and worship. You can pray by singing along with Christian Music and putting your heart into the prayer, so that your heart is lifted in praise and worship to God. You can use Christian music to set the scene for prayer and follow it up with shared prayer,silent prayer or other forms of praise and worship afterwards. By creating an appropriate mood, Christian music can thus enhance your prayer, and increase the strength of the praise and worship you offer to God. You can dance to Christian Music and offer the dance to the Lord as an expression of praise and worship.

Music enhances prayer because music involves more of the being that God created in you. We are not purely logical: we think, we feel, we move. Music is a powerful non-verbal form of communication which engages us at many levels. Christian Music, therefore, whether contemporary or traditional, rock or gospel, can involve us with the Lord in a far more intimate way than words alone. Music that makes you want to tap your toes involves your musculature as well as your thought. Music that brings you near to tears involves your emotions rather than just your thought.

And yet, Christian Music engages with your thought as well. Thoughtful lyrics, such as those of most of the songs on this site, can bring new insights, and set off trains of thought that are as beneficial as any homily. When the imagery and theology of the lyrics are combined with the images and movement evoked by the music, a powerful combination can be created, with the potential for blossoming into lasting good in people's lives. This is the ministry of music. This is the role of the Christian musician, songwriter and worship leader. God has freely given His gifts to us, and therefore we believe they should be freely shared with you. This is why we offer free Christian music to you for free download.

On this site we share with you our own attempts, however limited, at making this a reality. We trust, hope and pray that they can help in some way in bringing you closer to our God and Saviour, Jesus.

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