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FaithSing - Christian Music

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Faithsing is a group of Australian people, who are committed to producing exciting Christian Music for which people do not have to pay continual copyright fees. We believe that as God has given freely to us, we should give back freely to help build the Kingdom.

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Before we were on Facebook, we had a guestbook. The old guestbook entries are displayed below by way of history.

Old Guest Book Entries

Date Message from Location Message
23 July 2012 Joe Caon Orange Grove Tx What a great site glad I found it God Bless You all de Joe
9 Feb 2012 Clare and Thomas Canberra Hey Daddy, we love your new song, it is Amazing, I think it is a new favourite of mine.
Well done
8 Feb 2012 Noel Gympie, Queensland, Australia Every so often an email sneaks into my inbox saying that a new song has been added for download. This time there were four! Such beautiful songs, each with their Scripture verses, and their lyrics..

Thank you so much. When the Christian music world has become so commercial, it is so refreshing to find a place like yours, where all the glory is given to God.

Thank you again, Noel
11 Aug 2011 Roz Newfoundland What an excellent site. The songs are excellent. I love the part where the music sheets are provided. My only complaints I wish there was more. Thank you so much for every song. They are amazing.
3 Oct 2010 Kadi Carver m.i. thanks for the music.....USED IT TO PLAY AT MY CHURCH
2 Oct 2010 Sandra Clayton Wellington, Kansas, USA Thank you so much! I really appreciate your site - my husband is pastor of a small church, with not a lot of money to spend for worship music - this is such a help. I've bought some, personally, but we don't have a lot to spend, either! :) I am the "grandma-pastor's-wife", who plays simple guitar with a couple of the teen boys in church for evening worship, and I'm always looking for SIMPLE (for me!) guitar music to use. Your site is a great help. .

God bless you.
27 Sep 2010 Heather Coubrough Bradford, Yorkskire, UK This website is great! It has really helped me and the songs will definitely make our youth prayer group more lively.

I will keep loging in for new music.

Thank you and God Bless
From Heather and St Mary's Parish Bradford

6 April 2010 Helen Oceanside, California - we are on the Southern Coast of Cal., about 35 miles northh of San Diego Dear webmaster,

Just want to say that I love your website and I am going to join the webring because I also have a Christian website. My son's music is also advertised on my site.

God bless you and keep you,
Your sister in Jesus Christ,
Helen Jones

9 March 2010 Ryan Cartwright (aka Crimperman) The m108 project : http://m108.crimperman.org Great site and I applaud your use of Creative Commons. I've been similarly interested in freeing up Christian resources (not just music but art, liturgy, lessons etc.). To this end I have started a discussion forum to discuss a proposed online resource of Christian works under Creative Commons licences or similar. If you are interested in freedom within worship and other resources we'd really appreciate your views.

21 February 2010 Bill Donson Endicott, New York, USA Great music on this site, thanks so much ! God Bless you brothers and sisters, -Bill

4 February 2010 April Kansas City Thank you for this site. Not everyone can afford to purchase the music they love to listen to.

30 December 2009 Randy Pensacola, FL I LOVE ya'lls music. So 60's sounding, yet so fresh. And right on time.
They now sit on my mp3 player alongside Petra, lol
Bless you.

5 November 2009 Pastor Jachin Charley India My name is Jachin Charley, I am from India. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry. Please pray for us.
Please visit our website
5 November 2009 Pastor Jachin Charley India My name is Jachin Charley, I am from India. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry. Please pray for us.
Please visit our website

1 November 2009 Sue and Tony Anderson Isle of Wight Great lyrics and songs - excellent- keep going - never give up- we have a world to conquer through the power of His love. Inspirational.-Thankyou

26 October 2009 Marilyn Moore River Edge, NJ These songs will be perfect to give to my teenage nephew, who hasn't been able to be very involved at Sunday Mass for health reasons. I'll enjoy them myself, too!!! Great songs - thanks, Marilyn Moore

4 October 2009 Bobbie Watson Columbus, Ohio Lord Lord Lord I want to Thank You!

13 September 2009 Pete Moscow Thank You! :) God bless You.

31 August 2009 Tom Read Grand Rapids Michigan I am 69 year old this year and am enjoying your music as I play and sing and worship at home on my electric piano with many different instruments sounds. God's Holy Spirit warms my heart since I become his son at 6 years old. Being baptized at 18 with many interventions in the Army. Finding a renewed life after the laying on of hands at 33. Today he loves me even more in every way. It is so much easier to see him looking back over my life. But, as I look forward I can only know that he is making it happen, even as he had all my life.
Family - Mother Jewish(Hilton/Paton) Father unbeliever(German/English) both converted to Baptist before my birth.

28 August 2009 Lee-Ann Duff London, Ontario, Canada Thank you for the wonderfully blessed music. I can feel the Holy Spirit all the way from Canada. God Bless.

20 August 2009 Hardy Wiyono Indonesia This website is so simple, but give more than information about Christian songs.. This is a great testimony to other people to know about Jesus Christ....

12 August 2009 Hazel Grace Cueto Salerno, Italy Many of your songs touched the hearts of people here. I'm really so blessed I used it in the church during praise and worship. God bless you all.

24 July 2009 Rob Adelaide, Australia Thank you for this site.
Great that tha Music is FREE!!


12 July 2009 Fatima Philippines Praise be to God! May He bless you more with talent and great music! You guys are awesome!

10 July 2009 Richard Ash-Lameer Norfolk UK Thanks for your worship songs. I only found this site today but I will be back in the future. I found your songs really reflect trying to live our Christian lives in this world. God bless you.

18 April 2009 Shaji Jose India It is great music and really touched my heart and increased my faith in God

2 March 2009 John C Curtis New Jersey, USA I'm setting up a Catholic Internet radio station and will be using the music to supplement interviews, prayers, discussion forums, etc. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.

11 February 2009 Albert Gabriel England Good music, great musicianship, I liked it!

11 January 2009 Thomas Dilger Lebanon, Pa. USA I enjoyed you music! Will have you in my prayers & may God bless you!

10 February 2009 Laura Hoske Illinois I was looking up Lenten season songs for Children's Choirs and came across your site. I will search this site again. Thank you!

31 December 2008 Stephen Hope Houston, Texas I enjoyed your site. I especially liked the song Corpus Christi Body of Christ.

I have a ministry in which I walk a large cross in public. We built the cross in Corpus Christi Texas and walked it the first Saturday in May 2008 in Corpus Christi. Part of the message I impart is the need for the Body of Christ to come together, to drop the denominational barriers which become walls between us. When the body comes together is when non-believers will begin to sit up and take notice. We will also be able to accomplish more together than apart. Lord Jesus is or should be our King, He is the one we should say is our Lord. One of the Lords last and longest prayers tells the Father to let them be one as we are one. Our oneness cannot be attained in a spirit of disunity. Denomination proclamation promotes a barrier. We are all members of one body. I would like to use this song in a video that is being produced to post on Youtube and Godtube. I thank you for making it available to use. May God bless you so much.
See www.walkingthecross.com

8 November 2008 S Elpidius Marthandam, Kanyakumari Dist, Tamil Nadu, India It was great listening.................

Praise the Lord

16 October 2008 keijo sweden And no other has been so praised in that play the harp what is the the David the King of Israel still today.Him we all know still today and when he play the harp,all the demons will fly of the Saul and he was free from torment of evil spirit.So the musik has power that set us to Godly level..Thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden

3 October 2008 APOSTLE PAUL JOHNSON ASAMOAH Accra-Ghana Jesus Christ needs to be still preaching in Africa-Ghana and all the worldwide. Help me to get him to all areas in the world, praise God.

21 September 2008 Jannis Froese Hameln, Germany I really like your songs.
I am praying for you.

13 September 2008 Evgenija Macedonia I enjoyed discovering your page and the songs. Really simple and truly blessing!


5 September 2008 Jon Justice Fuiton, MS Hey I will pray for you

10 August 2008 Brother Malachi California Thanks for the music, I'm homebound and disabled, can't make it to church, music is all I have to keep me in the right mood. Thanks again...

15 June 2008 Suresh Pegadapelli India (Bangalore) this website is really great and the songs too.while listening to the songs its made me feel happy.Thanks for providing the songs ,god bless u.

30 May 2008 Cheryl California,USA Thank you very much.

25 May 2008 ASTRID south africa I am thoroughly enjoying your songs. Thank you so much for your ministry.

God bless you all as you continue to walk with him.

18 May 2008 Daniel Vincent ndia, Tamil Nadu (Currently UAE) Its really nice to get the songs and downloading also pretty and clear songs with lyrics is useful to get the things fair...

God Bless You ..He will do the things favor to you

3 May 2008 Joyce USA I have really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return, when time permits. It certainly was refreshing finding such a site and one that shows the love of God in it. Many profess to being Christian, but when it comes to sharing....then, that is not included. When God gives one a talent, then, it is not theirs, but God's and to be shared with others. All things should be for His glorification and to help others in different aspects of life. Continue to Him lead you in all that you do, so that others will see/hear Him living in you. The end results will be an encouragement to those who know the Lord and to many, it will be there means of hearing about God's love and the gospel.

Thanks for requesting that your site be added to my Living For Jesus site ring, because I am more than glad to add to it. Together, hopefully, we can reach the world for Him

In Christ,
20 April 2008 Alan Essex, UK Found your website yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful songs which are beautifully sung. I have just listened to these wondeful words:

Each person who has cared for me was You
Each gift that I possess You gave to me
Through me you've loved each person that I Love
And You created everything I see.

Very moving and true!
God's richest blessing be with you.
8 April 2008 Mae Philippines Excellent website! Can we use your songs for our children's seminar?
8 April 2008 Sally Bowron Cincinnati, Ohio, USA On a day when I desperately needed it, God led me to your site. I praise and thank God for leading me here, and all of you for providing it.
18 March 2008 Mary Burbank, CA USA Love your music! just in time for Holy Week, too. Found you through Beliefnet. I will pass your music on to our Music Ministry team.
3 March 2008 Apegesque [Unknown] Hello
I wish you good luck

15 Feb 2008 Claudia Brazil i just want to say i loved this web site. it's what i was looking for, quite long time ago. God bess you...xxx
14 Feb 2008 Scott (www.jcrocks.org) USA Nice web site, very easy to navigate. Keep on singing for Jesus!
30 Jan 2008 Karen Calwell (Australia) What a great website - very inspiring. You are such talented musicians and I love listening to your worship and praise!
26 Jan 2008 Declan Nnnes Canberra hey clare,
it is declan from church
i just wanna give you congrats on your new song can't wait to sing it it sounds awesome
23 Jan 2008 Greg Rowles OFM Cap Brisbane Australia Congratulations on music venture. May the Lord Bless and keep you.
18 Jan 2008 Francis Philippines I've been looking for praise and worship songs to be used in our church. I never thought I come accross your website. The songs are awesome and very inspiring. I can not stop listening to them again and again. I wish to thank you for sharing your songs. Congratulations for a job well done. God Bless you, your family and staffs.
13 Jan 2008 Jenni Freeman Brisbane Just wanting to congratulate your terrific work, a lot of effort seems to have been put into this,
may god be with you,
29 Dec 2007 Faithsing Canberra We would really love to hear from you! We are excited about adding the guestbook to the website and eagerly await what you have to say